How Our Alumni Can Stay Connected

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2013 (Winter) Chips N’ Splinters

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2011 (Winter) Chips N’ Splinters

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Give us a call! We love to hear from alumni who want to hear about what we are doing at Hi-Rock.

Come to camp! Bring your family and friends to Hi-Rock for a tour, retreat, or Family Camp. Where better to connect with those you love than the place you made so many lifelong friends? Let us know when you want to come to camp and we will roll out the welcome mat for your arrival.

Our Alumni Love To Stay Involved

The Camp Hi-Rock experience and the friendships made here are not easily forgotten. Many camp alumni, whether they were campers, parents, staff, or volunteers, carry on the camp spirit after they leave. In this way, alumni are invaluable to camp because they not only hold the memories of past camp years, but often bring their own families and friends back to camp for new adventures. Feel free to browse this portion of the website to get in touch with other alumni, share your camp memories, and maybe even find yet another way that you can experience Camp Hi-Rock.

How Our Alumni Make The Difference

YMCA Camp Hi-Rock would not be what it is today without our dedicated and active group of alumni. Through their contributions both past and present, the alumni of YMCA Camp Hi-Rock continue to make camp a wonderful place. Hi-Rock alumni make up a large portion of our volunteer staff and are always finding new ways to support and reconnect with camp. Furthermore, because YMCA Camp Hi-Rock is always looking to improve the camp experience, the unique feedback and ideas provided by alumni are always appreciated.