Introducing: A Mountain of Mystery!

Introducing The Mountain of Mystery! Solve the mystery, save the mountain!

Are you ready to step into a hidden world of magic and mystery? EDventure Quest presents a week-long interactive mystery adventure where Hi-Rock campers take on the role of sorcerers attending a magical meeting. The stars are aligning and the world’s greatest sorcerers have agreed to get together to address pressing magical matters. But not everything is as it seems.

There may be people on this mountain that have their own plans. If these nefarious plots aren’t discovered and stopped it could spell disaster, not just for the society of sorcerers   but the entire world.
Kids will cast spells, solve mysteries, act out scenes and work together to prevent disaster and achieve goals, all while exploring the woods and forging life-long bonds with their fellow sorcerers.

This new & exciting program is only available for campers attending Session 2B! It will run two coaching periods a day for the full five days. Interested in signing your camper up? Follow the instructions below!

To register:
1. On your parent dashboard, click on “Enrollment”.
2. Under children who are already enrolled for 2024, they will see a box that says “Purchase additional options for 2024”.
3. Once you click Purchase Additional Options for 2024, it will bring you through the enrollment questions and enrollment extras selections. Select The Mountain of Mystery enrollment extra.
4. The next step will be the payment screen. Campsite will require a Credit Card or Bank Account for the request to be submitted. If you would like to add The Mountain of Mystery and add it to your payment plan, please email Tanya at
Contact Alison at to learn more! We hope to see you there!