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Oooh it is getting cold outside, which has us thinking about the return of the Ice Breakers! Once again, we will be raising money for the Strong Kids Campaign by jumping into the frigid depths of Plantain Pond this winter. The best part is you can be involved without dipping even the nail of your pinky toe into the icy cold water. Please help by supporting one of our volunteers who will be taking the plunge. To find out who has volunteered for this event please click here and choose someone to sponsor:



Here are the details for 2013:

On the afternoon of January 12, 2014 we will host the plunge. The number of people and who specifically must get really cold will depend on our alumni and friends. There is a tiered system which will determine who goes in as we raise more and more money. Example: Jessica will not go into the lake unless we raise the final $17,000 required for the 2013 Strong kids campaign goal, whereas Ali Holmes will go into the water once we raise a mere $250. Of course we will be including all of our current staff in the event, but it would be great to have some of our summer staff, alumni and friends of camp join in as well. If you would like to be a part of the madness, contact Chuck (seniorcampdirector@camphirock.org) and he will assign you to a tier and get you all relevant information to help you on your way.


All of the money raised will roll up to the online giving page for the Ice Breakers event so you can track our progress (to see who will be taking the dip).


We will update the status and the tiers on our facebook group. Please join the group to follow all the action and offer any words of encouragement/heckling/etc. to the victims… err participants. To get us started the tiered system below will be in place, as we add more people, we will add their names and add tiers if necessary.


Thanks to all who have helped us in the past, we look forward to your continued support!