Camp Hi-Rock Update 5/6/2020

Dear Friends,

Hi-Rock is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation around the world and close to home. Our hearts go out to anyone directly affected by the virus as well as everyone struggling with how to protect themselves and their loved ones. Just as the bonds of sharing camp sustain and bind us between summers when we are apart, they connect us now during this time of social distancing and isolation.

As we look forward to summer camp season, we are preparing to run our summer programs and hoping we will be able to do so. We are currently closed through at least May 18 due to the non-essential business closure in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with our year-round team working from home. Decisions about when and how we will reopen will be carefully made based on how far our region has come in its response to the virus and with guidance from national and state agencies and Y leadership. We will update our camp community as the shape of summer becomes more clear. We look forward to helping our campers and their families shift from fear and separation back to courage and connection when we can next be together.

These difficult times are a reminder of how much camp matters. We can’t wait to have campers outside playing in teams, whispering in cabins, doing unit cheers in the dining hall – and through it all, finding out more about themselves and each other. We know that we may have to adjust the way camp happens but that no matter how things may change, camp spirit will prevail.

These unprecedented times have prompted us to explore new ways to bring our community together while staying in our separate homes. We’ve had a great time reuniting with campers, their families, staff, volunteers, alumni, donors and other members of the Hi-Rock community from all around the globe and many generations through Facebook, Instagram and Zoom. If you haven’t already, please join us. Campers who don’t have their own social media account have been participating with their parents. We would love to see you there.

We are incredibly grateful to all of you who help make camp possible. Thank you for your commitment to Hi-Rock during this difficult time.


Sending you Hi-Rock love,

Jess Speer-Holmes
Executive Director