Current Fundraising Efforts

Capital Improvement Campaign for Facility Director Cabin
There is one role at Hi-Rock which plays a critical role in making Hi-Rock possible. That is the role of facility director. Many fine individuals have taken on that role and given years to keeping the place so many of us love operating. With limited resources and eighty-three buildings, one thousand acres, four miles of dirt roads, multiple vehicles, boats and docks, countless pieces of equipment and a wastewater treatment plant, there is a lot to keep operating and a lot of knowledge and dedication involved in doing so. Part of that dedication involves living on camp year-round and being on-call day and night in a cabin provided by Hi-Rock.

After years of placing our facility director’s cabin below other maintenance and capital investment priorities, we have reached a point where we cannot wait any longer. The building where we house our facility director has been determined to be beyond repair and we are working to rebuild it before the 2019 summer season. To make this possible, we need the help of the Hi-Rock community. Please consider contributing toward this project to help us build a comfortable and safe space for our facility director (and future facility directors who will take on this role for years to come) to call his home. 

We are off to a great start thanks to the generosity of our Camp Hi-Rock family! If you would like to give to this campaign, please see below for ways to give: 

1.)Through our Facebook fundraiser:

2.) Through the following online link:

3.) By mailing a check to YMCA Camp Hi-Rock 162 East Street Mount Washington, MA 01258 with “Facility Director House” in the memo.