New Programs, Happy Campers

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, Explore 30 Reading and American Sign Language were big hits in 2012!

Stand-up paddle boarding debuted with a splash to a chorus of giggles as campers, counselors and the occasional pair of program directors attempted to master this fun and challenging new sport. Core muscles were strengthened along with self-confidence as campers gained new skills and new friends in stand-up paddle boarding classes.

In it’s inaugural year, the Explore 30 reading program had pages turning all over camp. Approximately 90 percent of campers accepted the challenge to read or be read to for a minimum of 30 minutes each day. Once they got going, some found it hard to stop. One camper from Bridgeport, CT inspired a new camp safety rule, “No reading while walking!”

The return of Zoe Buzzi, a volunteer from 2010 who returned in 2012 as a counselor, brought her sign language skills all the way from Florida where she is studying American Sign Language. Zoe’s excitement about sign language was contagious and lead to campers signing up for her class week after week. Her namesake, Zoë, a Woodlands camper, signed up for the class three weeks in a row and described the highlight of the class as “learning how to sing Itai’s songs in sign language.“