Prepare for Camp

Medical policies and procedures: Required medical forms

Commonwealth of Massachusetts law requires campers to have documentation of a physical examination, conducted by a licensed physician within one year prior to their stay at camp.

Medical Form/Medical History Form: The camper’s parent or guardian must complete the online Health History Forms and sign the Release, Indemnity and Authorization for Treatment within 6 months of their camper’s stay at camp. A licensed physician must complete and sign the physical form, which includes a medical history, immunization records, and a physical examination report. Please provide camp with a copy of both the front and back sides of your camper’s health insurance card.

YMCA Camp Hi-Rock Medication Administration Release Form: Camp Hi-Rock cannot administer any prescription or non-prescription medication brought from home to a camper without a complete Medication Administration Release Form. This form requires details including the name of medication, directions for use, and the patient’s name. A parent/guardian and a licensed physician must also sign this form.

Please upload your completed medical forms to the Parent Dashboard as soon as possible before your camper’s stay at camp, ideally by June 1. Please retain a copy to bring to check-in or to hand in at the bus stop on the first day of camp. We cannot allow any camper to remain at camp without a current and complete medical form. The Medical Forms include documentation of parental consent, allowing the camp staff to provide emergency medical attention for a camper if necessary, and basic health insurance information to be used if the camper requires medical care or prescription medication. In order to meet specifications set by our local Board of Health, only the Camp Hi-Rock medical forms are acceptable.

Overnight Camp: Packing list for campers

Please help your camper pack appropriately for his/her stay at camp, and discourage your camper from bringing any valuables. Please refer to the packing list and recommendations below which include items not allowed at camp. We recommend that you use a footlocker for camp no taller than 18 inches so that it will fit underneath the bunk beds. Please be aware that each camper is responsible for his/her belongings. We cannot accept responsibility for damage to, or theft of, personal property while at camp. You may wish to bring a combination lock for a footlocker, and to label your camper’s bags, cases, and footlocker.

Labeling your child’s things can help keep them from getting lost. Mabel’s Labels provides affordable sew-on and iron-on name labels for clothing and apparel as well as other labeling products. Visit and select YMCA Camp Hi-Rock from the drop down menu and a percentage of your purchase will go towards our Strong Kids Campaign.

The following is a list of suggested items for campers to bring to camp for a two-week session. All items should be clearly marked or labeled for identification. Since campers spend a large portion of their day outside, we advise that they bring clothes they will not mind getting dirty. Please remember that camp activities will still run in periods of light rain.

Strongly Recommended

1 sleeping bag and pillow 1 heavy blanket
2 pairs of pajamas sunscreen
2 sweaters or heavy shirts 2 pairs sneakers
1 heavy jacket 3 pairs swim trunks or bathing suits
4 long-sleeved shirts 3 towels and wash cloths
3 pairs of long pants or jeans 1 set rain gear
8 t-shirts 1 nice outfit for the Banquet Dinner
6 pairs shorts 1 cap or hat
14 pairs of underwear, socks, and undershirts 1 flashlight* with batteries*


1 fitted/flat sheet for bunk mattress leak-proof water bottle*
camera and film or disposable camera* day pack*
reading/writing material* laundry/dirty clothes bag
waterproof boots pre-stamped and addressed envelopes*
bathrobe shower shoes*
tennis racket and tennis balls pictures from home, stuffed animal, etc.
baseball/softball glove musical instruments
fishing pole, line, hooks, and lures other sporting equipment

Toiletries, as needed: shampoo, soap (in container), comb/brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, tissues, non-toxic insect repellant

*These items, and more, will be available in our camp store.

Please note:

  • Be sure to pack enough warm bedding and clothing; nights can be cold.
  • The following items may not be brought to camp: glass containers; aerosols; target sport equipment; PSPs, Gameboys, or similar handheld devices; knives or Leathermans; fireworks; food or gum; lighters; TVs, computers, or cellular phones.
    • If the above items are found they will be confiscated until the camper leaves camp.
  • Lost and found items will be washed and sent to Goodwill after each session. If your camper loses something of significance, let our office know and we will do our best to locate it.
  • Flip-flops and open-toed shoes may not be worn on camp, except while on the waterfront or inside the shower house. Please do not expect your camper to wear flip-flops at any other times.

Technology & Cell Phone Policy:

All technology is banned from camp with the exception of cameras. No cell phones are allowed. Cell phones with camera capabilities are not permitted to be used as cameras, even if the other capabilities of the phone have been turned off. Although rare, exceptions allowing personal music listening devices must be approved in advance by the Executive Director.

BOLD & GOLD Packing Lists

Please check the BOLD & GOLD page for trip-specific packing lists and other important preparation information.

Camper Tips for Success Form

A Camper Tips for Success Form is provided on the Parent Dashboard once registration has been confirmed. This form allows you the opportunity to share information with the camper’s Unit Director, the Camp Advisor, and appropriate camp staff. Please include any information that will help us better serve your camper.

Camp Birthdays

If your camper’s birthday falls during his/her stay at camp, we would be happy to prepare a cake for them and to have the whole camp wish them a happy birthday. Please contact the camp office well in advance to let us know of a birthday that will happen at camp, and please confirm on check-in day that we have your camper in our list of birthdays that session.

More Parent Resources

YMCA Camp Hi-Rock is proud to be accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA), a community of camp professionals dedicated to enriching the lives of children and adults through the camp experience. Along with the ACA, we believe that informed parents are best equipped to prepare their children and themselves for a positive camp experience. To that end, we welcome parents to visit the American Camp Association’s website geared directly to camp parents ( and to contact us with any questions relating to your camper’s upcoming stay at YMCA Camp Hi-Rock.

The Summer Camp Handbook is an award-winning guide for parents sending children to summer camp. The book, co-written by two longtime camp and youth development professionals, has been published online for free viewing by parents and campers alike. Please feel free to visit and to contact us with any questions relating to your camper’s upcoming stay at YMCA Camp Hi-Rock.