Other Job Opportunities

Not Just A Summer Job

Job Opportunities for all Seasons

YMCA Camp Hi-Rock also offers seasonal employment during the spring and fall. Limited hours may also be available during the winter months. We are open year-round to work with groups, but some times of year are busier than others. Spring positions typically start at the beginning of May and run until mid-June. Fall positions typically start at the end of August and run until the end of October. Some positions last for a shorter amount of time, so please apply whether or not you are available for an entire season. Available opportunities include: high and low ropes facilitation; team building and leadership program facilitation; hiking and climbing; beach and waterfront activities; and kitchen and maintenance assistance. Training, room, board, and competitive wages are provided. Many staff members who plan to work at summer camp choose to “arrive early” or “stay late” and work pre-season (spring) or post-season (fall.) The weekly pay rate varies depending on experience and certifications. For more information contact ethan@camphirock.org.


We can offer a wide range of entry- and director- level placements for students. Each year, we have some interns on staff and help them develop their skills and their resume. Contact us if we can be of assistance. We are happy to speak directly with your advisor and set up an internship opportunity that is right for you.

How to Apply

Instructions for applying for any position: Summer Job Opportunities