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A summer working at Camp Hi-Rock can be life-changing. See what some former staff members have to say about their Hi-Rock experience.

Katie Cotterill – Camp is part of who I am. It has made me who I am. Before I travelled to camp for the first time (back in 2007) I wouldn’t have caught the train to the next town on my own. In 2009, I thought nothing of re-locating to Hong Kong, with a friend I met at camp! When my ‘real life’ presents challenges that seem insurmountable, I can draw on a little ‘camp spirit’ to see them through. There is no time in my life that I look back on with such fondness as my time at Camp Hi Rock. It has given me; the urge to sing (occasionally in tune) to summer songs in public places, the desire to dance like a little girl, life-long friendships that mean you always have someone to call on and an interesting place to visit, shooting stars, fire flies and memories of candles on dark nights. Camp gives both the campers and the staff the confidence to take risks and believe in themselves. The fears and the first-times that we face together – whether it’s an eight year old staying away from home for the first time or an eighteen year old becoming a role model for the first time – that stay with us forever and shape the kinds of people we become. Nowadays, I teach in a primary school. Sometimes I see myself, urging my class to write more, sit still and work more quietly and I wish that I could be a camp counselor to them instead of a teacher. Teach them the skills that can only be learnt through experience; team work on the low ropes course, courage at the climbing wall or perseverance on a hike. Most of all, I wish I could take them to a place where everyone is valued for who they are, encouraged to do their best and where having fun, is an end in itself.

Tom Davies – Camp has been very close to my heart since I first came to this magical place back in the summer of 2009.  Since then I have climbed up the ladder and now I’m able to call this place not just my home away from home but my actual home or at least for the next year. In those four years I have seen campers grow into outstanding members of society and some of them now I call my friends and colleagues. It is with out a doubt that camp helped to make them the people they are now.  The friendship and skills you learn while up the mountain stay with you for ever. It’s unbelievable the bonds of friendship you can make in just 9 weeks of being a staff member. I can truly say Hi-Rock has made me the person I am today and I can not thank it enough for that.  (staff 2009-13)

Em Ruddick – It’s a place that accepted me for who I was and helped me become who I am now. (staff 2011)

Moshin Gulsher – I was here in 2005 and I really miss the place! Would so love to come back and work here again! (staff 2005)

Ahren Parry – Camp Hi-Rock has changed my life. I honestly don’t think I would be the same person without it. The lifelong friends that I have met and the things I have gotten to do really mean a lot. It is very rare that you come across a place with some of the most beautiful scenery I have seen, a privately owned lake and enough land to go for hikes and outdoor camping. Normally it’s one or the other. Oh, and the fact that we back onto the Appalachian Trail makes it special. As soon as you get here you are made to feel like a part of Hi-Rock’s family no matter if you’re here for a week or a whole summer. I cannot stress enough how much camp is a part of me and how it has changed me for the better so thank you Camp Hi-Rock. (staff 2010-13)

Chris Baldwin – A place where you can be yourself; a truely magical, wonderful, special place. A place where new friends can be made and old friends become re-united. A place that I call home.

Shea Watson – Every time I drive up the camp road I get an overwhelming feeling of excitement. This is due to the fact that camp really is a home-away-from-home. Being a Hi-Rocker means being bonded to amazing people all over the world, and right here in Mt. Washington. The people you meet through camp become your family, whether you spend 1 year with them, or 15 years. There is no greater connection than befriending, working, and living with people from all over the world, while living on this beautiful little lake. Camp is a part of you, no matter where you go. Sending me to Hi-Rock was the greatest gift my parents ever gave me, and returning as staff was one of the best decisions I ever made. My four years as staff at Hi-Rock were the best four summers of my life and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Alexis Kycia – Camp is really an extension of my family. The friendships I’ve created here are still going strong today with people from all over the globe that I never would have otherwise met. It’s a summer vacation that lasts a two to eight weeks but the experience lasts a lifetime. It’s an environment that allows you to find yourself and encourages personal growth. It has been a fabulous learning experience and has enriched my life greatly.

Brooke Mars – For me, camp is a place where I met some of the most amazing people over the past four years – people that I love and will remember and stay in touch with for years to come. It’s a place where I get to embrace and share my love for all things baked for nine whole weeks. It’s getting campers excited for evening program. It’s a place where my cat can roam freely and lounge in the sunshine. Camp (specifically Hi-Rock!) is something I feel every child should experience. I can honestly say that Hi-Rock really is my home away from home and I wouldn’t trade the times I’ve had there for anything in the world.