Camp Life

Camp life is busy in the greatest of ways. Each day is filled with new adventures and opportunities to enjoy the summer!

One of the coolest things about Hi-Rock is that you get to choose your four main activities each week. We call these activities coaching periods, and they are open to all levels of ability. At the beginning of each week, you pick out four coaching periods that you will take over the next five days. These activities provide opportunities for campers to try new things in a safe learning environment or continue to do something they love!

Daily Schedule

Overnight Camp Schedule

7:15 Wake-up Call
7:45 Flag Raising
8:00 Breakfast
8:30 Kapers (Cabin/Unit clean-up)
9:10 First Coaching Period
10:10 Second Coaching Period
11:10 Cabin/Unit Activities
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Siesta
2:00 Third Coaching Period
3:00 Fourth Coaching Period
4:00 General Swim and free time
5:15 Staff Swim and Unit time
5:50 Flag Lowering
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Evening Program
8:00 Lower Unit Cabin Chat
8:30 Lower Unit Lights Out / Middle Unit Cabin Chat
9:00 Middle Unit Lights Out /Upper Unit Cabin Chat
10:00 Upper Unit Lights Out

Day Camp Schedule

9:00   Campers Arrive
9:15   Attendance
Chipmunks morning activity
Bobcats/Falcons: Coaching Period (T-F)
10:00 Chipmunks: Morning Activity
Bobcats/Falcons: Coaching Period
11:00 Lunch
11:45 Unit Activities
12:45 Instructional Swim
1:45   Free Swim / Waterfront Time
2:00   Chipmunks: Afternoon Activity
Bobcats/Falcons: Coaching Period
2:50   Field and Spirit Games
Snack Time
3:50   Campers Depart


Weekend Schedule

Our schedule for the weekend is a little different- on Saturday and Sunday, we have weekend program! Each weekend in the middle of a two week session, the staff members create an amazing set of activities and games organized around a theme. Past weekend program themes have included Olympic Weekend, Harry Potter Weekend, Willy Wonka Weekend, Music Weekend, Jurassic Park Weekend and many more. Meals times and wake-up/bedtimes are similar to the daily schedule during the week.

The schedules tell you a lot of the When’s, but what about the Where’s and the What’s?

Where/What you…

Sleep: You will usually share a cabin with nine or so other kids your age and gender and two trained counselors. Some kids choose to decorate their bunk with pictures or posters. Look below to see what the cabins look like!


  • Wigwam cabins

Eat: Three times a day, (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), the entire camp gathers in the dining hall for meals. There, you get to sit at a table with your cabin-mates and share a meal. Food is served family style, meaning that dishes are passed around the table, just like at home.

Play: Camp Hi-Rock has activities for whatever you are interested in, and those activities take place all over camp. Whether it is swimming in our beautiful lake, playing tennis on the blacktop, or venturing on the Appalachian trail for hiking class, you will get a chance to explore all over Camp Hi-Rock.

During G-Swim (short for General Swim), campers have free time in the afternoon. At this point, campers can try activities, visit the camp store, and hang out with friends in several areas around camp. Staff members are always nearby to help you with equipment, teach you a new skill, and help make sure everyone is safe and happy.