Camp Hi-Rock Named One of the Best Summer Camps in the Country

America is loaded with summer camps, from the shores of California to the tree-covered mountains of the East Coast. And nestled in those tree-covered Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, you’ll find a camp that was recently named one of the best in the country — YMCA Camp Hi-Rock.

The travel experts at Canada’s leading online global travel agency, Flight Network, released their blog post, This Summer’s 22 Most Amazing Sleepaway Camps in the U.S., this summer. Their goal was to help parents and their campers locate the sleepaway camps that will make this a summer they’ll never forget. We were thrilled to find Camp Hi-Rock at No. 16 on the chronological list.

“Look to the east, and you’ll gaze upon the glory of the Berkshire Mountains. Peer to the west, and you’ll marvel at the stunning Catskills. This is what it’s like to be in the center of YMCA Camp Hi-Rock, a co-ed sleepaway camp settled around a crystal clear, 90-acre private lake in Mount Washington,” Flight Network’s travel writer stated.

The post praised Camp Hi-Rock for the diversity of our campers and counselors from more than 20 countries around the world, the quality of our leadership programs and our huge variety of activities.

We couldn’t agree with Flight Network’s team of travelers more. We are grateful to all of the members of the Hi-Rock community who make Hi-Rock such an amazing place. Thank you volunteers, donors, staff members, camper parents and most of all campers for all that you are to Hi-Rock!