BOLD GOLD Wilderness Adventures

BOLD GOLD Wilderness Adventures

We’re thrilled to announce that in 2016 Camp Hi-Rock was one of 10 Y’s chosen across the country to help expand an incredible YMCA program called BOLD/GOLD. Originally started in Seattle, BOLD GOLD takes youth on week-long backpacking programs to develop their fullest leadership potential as positive, multicultural leaders in their communities. Our small groups (eight participants and two to three instructors) travel to some of the most beautiful and natural places in the Northeast to build their community. Using breath taking wilderness classrooms our participants return from our programs knowing that the confidence, strength and friendships they developed will help them meet any challenge on the trail, in the classroom, or back home in their communities.

What Leadership Means on a BOLD GOLD trip:

While navigating the challenges of back country travel in the wilderness, our participants get to see what they are truly capable of. We help our youth become multicultural leaders by combining their own unique self and skills with our programs areas of focus:

  • Confidence- Our participants build confidence and self-worth by mastering skills, achieving goals, and creating positive relationships.
  • Courage- Developing and acting with courage to empower and create a sense of resiliency to overcome life’s challenges.
  • Community Awareness- Respect and creating an environment where all feel valued for their unique perspective and contribution.
  • Emotional Intelligence- To develop empathy, increase self-awareness, and create a stronger relationship with others
  • Wonder- Having fun, learning to marvel at nature, and feeling a sense of curiosity benefits us and those around us.


Boy’s Outdoor Leadership School (B.O.L.D.): Boys entering grades 7-10

Trip 1: July 8 – 14, 2018

Trip 2: August 5 – 11, 2018

By signing up for a BOLD summer wilderness expedition you are joining an amazing community of young men and leaders that are just as excited as you to get out and explore the wild lands of the Northeast. Being out in the woods with a group of all boys allows our participants to be themselves while stepping out of their comfort zone on this new adventure and exploring the wonders of the wilderness while learning what it means to be an emotionally intelligent male back home in their communities.


Girl’s Outdoor Leadership School (G.O.L.D.): Girls entering grades 7-10

Trip 1: June 24 – 30, 2018

Trip 2: July 22 – 28, 2018

Our GOLD program brings groups of girls together on wilderness adventures to give them the opportunity to be their courageous selves as they bond with a group of their peers in some of the most beautiful places in the Northeast! In the comfort of an all girl’s space, GOLD participants will develop their fullest leadership potential and explore not just the Appalachian trail but also what it means to be a confident female leader back home in their communities. The feeling of joy you will experience with your new friends as you accomplish so many of your goals on trip is unparalleled, and it will leave you inspired to set and achieve new goals once you get back home.

Online Registration:

For returning campers/BOLD GOLD participants – Please click here to log into the Parent Dashboard.  Once logged in, you may complete your 2018 registration by going to the Enrollment tab.

For NEW BOLD GOLD participants – Please click here to create your account on the Parent Dashboard. When your account is created you will receive an email with log in credentials. Once logged in, you may complete your 2018 registration by going to the Enrollment tab.

Printable Registration Form: 2018 BOLD GOLD registration form

All programs start and end at YMCA Camp Hi-Rock, located at 162 East Street Mt. Washington, MA. Bus service from New York City, Fairfield County & Boston is available.
For inquires or to request an information packet please contact our Camp Director, Katy Blackburn at 413-528-1227 or via email at