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We are sad to announce that we have made the heartbreaking decision to cancel our regularly scheduled youth programming for summer 2020, click here to read more.

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Registration, Confirmation and Payment General Procedures

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It is important that parents understand the policies and procedures for YMCA Camp Hi-Rock’s programs, including Resident and Day Camp. Carefully browsing through the contents of this section of the website, as well as the rest of the website, can help you prepare your camper (and yourself) for a successful Hi-Rock experience. You can also download a comprehensive Parent Handbook to read at your convenience. Feel free to contact us at any point if you have any questions or concerns not answered within this website. The Camp Hi-Rock staff would love to hear from you!

Registration Policies

Registration forms are published in the fall and sent to all campers who attended camp the prior summer. Upon receipt of a registration form and deposit, the camp office will send parents a confirmation email, which includes: confirmation of registration and payment, required medical forms, and other optional forms. We require that all camper parents read the Parent Handbook, which includes important information to ensure a successful camp experience for your child. Camp Hi-Rock will only process registrations and mail confirmation packets once we receive a complete registration form AND payment for the initial deposit. This is to ensure that all our camper spots are held fairly.

Once your camper is registered, final payment of camp program fees, as well as any written changes, cancellations, or additional requests, are due by June 1st. Payments may be made by check, money order, or credit card authorization (VISA/MasterCard/American Express only). Payment plans are available in advance of the deadline; please contact our office to find out more.

If you are registering after the deadline, please submit all payment and paperwork upon registration, or immediately following receipt of your confirmation email, in order to secure your camper’s place at camp.

If there are any special custodial circumstances of which we should be aware, please inform the camp office in writing. YMCA Camp Hi-Rock must be provided with legal documentation concerning any parental visiting issues. Our camp office will not release personal records, data, or medical examination reports to anyone without the consent of the camper’s parent/guardian.


Changes, Cancellations, or Special Requests

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If you need to make any changes to your original registration form, please contact the camp office and send written notification as soon as possible. These changes or requests may include:

  • Session changes (changes in dates when camper will attend camp)
  • Waterskiing requests
  • Transportation needs
  • Special dietary requests
  • Authorization of persons to pick up your camper
  • Camp store deposits
  • (Resident Camp) Cabin mate requests
  • (Day Camp) Meal plan changes

Because camp sessions, spaces in our waterski program, and our bus routes reach capacity each year, written notification should be sent as early as possible. We will make changes as space allows.

If, for any reason, your camper cannot come to camp at the scheduled time, PLEASE NOTIFY OUR OFFICE IMMEDIATELY! There may be a waiting list for camp, and someone might be glad to take the place originally reserved for your camper. The deposit is not refundable as it covers the administrative costs of registrations and cancellations. Any other payments will only be refunded if the camp office receives written notice of cancellation by May 1. Refunds can take up to 90 days to process, regardless of amount. If a camper is unable to come to camp due to an accident or illness, payments are refundable provided a doctor’s note is submitted. Refunds will not be granted to campers who choose not to complete their stay due to homesickness or dislike of our programs, or who are expelled from camp due to their failure to comply with the Camper Code of Conduct.

Resident Camp: Transportation

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Parents or guardians driving their campers to Camp Hi-Rock can visit our directions page or find us through most online map websites. If you use directions other than those provided by Camp Hi-Rock, please double-check with our directions once you reach the general vicinity of the South Egremont/Mount Washington area. The directions listed by some websites may include some roads with little or no signage or roads that are closed seasonally, and can be difficult to follow for anyone not familiar with the area. Also keep in mind that GPS navigation systems sometimes have difficulty locating camp as we are in a remote location on a dirt road, so please bring a copy of our directions just in case.

As an alternative to driving your campers to and/or from camp, Camp Hi-Rock offers bus transportation to and from some of our major service areas: Fairfield and Bridgeport, CT, White Plains and Manhattan, NY, and Boston, MA. Limited airport transportation is also available. Buses are only available at the start and end of each two-week session; parents must arrange transportation for campers coming to or leaving camp in the middle of a two-week session. Bus fees are updated each year on our registration form.


Session Dates
(Refer to schedule)
Bus Pick-Up Date:
From Home to Camp
Bus Drop-Off Date*:
From Camp to Home
Session 1 Sunday:6/28
First day of the 2-week session
Day AFTER the last day of the 2-week session
Session 2 Sunday:7/12
First day of the 2-week session
Day AFTER the last day of the 2-week session
Session 3 Sunday:7/26
First day of the 2-week session
Day AFTER the last day of the 2-week session
Session 4 Sunday:8/9
First day of the 2-week session
Saturday: 8/22

Please note:

*Campers taking the bus home will leave on a Sunday**, even though camp sessions end on Saturday. Parents who pick up their campers from camp must arrive on Saturday morning.

**All buses run on Sunday except for buses taking campers home on Saturday, August 17th, the last day of camp.

Pick-up Area Address Phone Number Time
Fairfield, CT Fairfield YMCA
841 Old Post Road,
CT 06824
(203) 255-2834 10:00 AM
Bridgeport, CT Bridgeport YMCA
850 Park Avenue,
CT 06604
(203) 334-5551 10:30 AM
Greater Boston Area Oak Square YMCA
615 Washington Street,
MA 02135
(617) 782-3535 10:30 AM
Manhattan, NY 92nd Street Y
1395 Lexington Avenue,
New York,
NY 10128
(212) 996-1100 10:30 AM
Westchester County, NY White Plains Family YMCA
250 Mamaroneck Avenue,
White Plains,
NY 10605
(914) 949-8030 10:30 AM

Airport Transportation: If your camper does not live within driving distance, Camp Hi-Rock also offers limited transportation to and from two local airports, JFK and Bradley International Airports. Please contact our office well in advance to coordinate flight details and transportation needs. All flights must be scheduled to arrive on Saturday except for session 1 (when arrivals should be scheduled for Sunday, the first day of camp). If other airports or other days are requested, an additional charge may be incurred.

Day Camp: Transportation

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Camp Hi-Rock provides free bus transportation for some of our major service areas: Great Barrington, Sheffield, South Egremont, Stockbridge, and Mount Washington, MA, as well as Austerlitz, NY, Hillsdale, NY, and Salisbury, CT. Parents may specify a morning location that is different from the afternoon location, if necessary. If you would like to change either location for your camper, please contact our office at least one week in advance. Bus routes and times are subject to change; please contact our office in advance to confirm times and locations for bus routes.



Route Town Pick-Up/Drop-Off Location Pick-Up (AM) Drop-Off (PM)
Route 1 Austerlitz Fire Department 8:05 AM 4:45 PM
Hillsdale AGWAY 8:20 AM 4:30 PM
Mount Washington Church 8:40 AM 4:10 PM
Route 2 Stockbridge Behind Red Lion Inn(skate park) 8:00 AM 4:55 PM
Great Barrington K-Mart/Price Chopper 8:15 AM 4:40 PM
Great Barrington Big Y 8:25 AM 4:30 PM
Route 3 Salisbury White Hart Inn 8:00 AM 4:50 PM
Sheffield Post Office 8:20 AM 4:30 PM
South Egremont Fire Department 8:40 AM 4:20 PM


Please note:

Locations may be added if there is sufficient interest; please contact our office to express interest in additional locations.

Because of daily variation in traffic and driving times, please try to bring your camper to the morning location at least five minutes in advance. Parents or guardians should remain with their campers until our bus arrives, and accompany their campers to the bus in order to sign our sign-in/sign-out sheet. At this time, you may also submit to the day camp staff any waivers or parental notes you wish to submit to our office. Parents should not expect to pay camp fees at the bus stop. All fees must be paid in full by June 1, including any store fees. Those who register after June 1st must be paid in full upon registration. No campers should be left on their own while waiting to be picked up by the bus. Parents must sign their camper in with the camp staff. Campers must be seated while on the bus and follow all rules set by camp staff. All buses and vans will be supervised by camp counselors in addition to the driver.

YMCA Camp Hi-Rock will not leave campers unsupervised if a parent is not present at the afternoon pick-up location. There is a fee of $1/minute after the printed pick-up time, until an authorized parent/guardian arrives to pick up his/her camper. If no one arrives to pick up your camper, we will continue on the scheduled route and return to the pick-up location after all other campers are dropped off from the bus. If there is still no one authorized to pick your camper up, we will return to camp and attempt to contact you. In the case that we cannot reach you or the emergency contact, we will notify the local police.